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You are paying to watch one of the most exciting and sought after Irish film of the year 2021, that was won multiple international accolades and awards.

The full film will load on a new page post the payment. You can watch it on any Desktop or Mobile Device. The film is hosted privately on Vimeo and Streaming on our website at 1080p and 60fps.

Yes, we DO NOT SAVE YOUR PAYMENT details, all payments are securely done through “stripe/paypal/bank transfer”. We only keep a record of your email address to send you an invoice post the payment.

All transactions are secured with the SSL protocol. Which means your card details are encrypted during the payment. The website uses only PCI compliant plugins.

Please drop us a message in the chat window at the bottom-right of your screen, if you’re on a desktop, or at the bottom of the screen if you’re on a mobile, We will resolve the problem for you very quickly without wasting any time.

Compatibility and Terms.

  • The movie is compatible on all devices.
  • The movie is subject to copyright protection and downloading the film is not permitted.
  • Please note payment of €3.50 is for one time use per person only. However you will be able to see the film multiple times on the same device post payment.
  • Transfer of URL to another person is not permitted.
  • Please leave us an email at info@pynck.com for any queries.